You have purchased the Best Cooler on the market and unlike other coolers out on the market, you have a product that is made in the USA. We have put this information in your cooler to maximize your cooler performance.

Your Cordova Cooler uses a unique eco foam Insulation. Insulation is to keep products both cold and warm, so if you are trying to keep your products cold, you want to start by putting the items into the cooler as cold as possible.


Dry Ice

When taking longer trips or wanting to freeze your coolers contents, dry ice is an excellent choice. It also happens to be the lightest ice option which makes carrying your cooler easier. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to handle dry ice before using.

Block Ice

Block ice takes longer to melt, but doesn’t always provide the ambient refrigeration you need. Whether you’re using a commercially packaged block ice or freezing water-filled milk jugs, we recommend using block ice in combination with smaller cubed ice which can fill air gaps.

Cubed Ice

Cubed Ice can be an effective coolant by itself for shorter trips, but should be used in combination with dry or block ice to achieve the best results


Cooling your Cordova Cooler is the best first step to ensure you maximize its cold retention capabilities. Unless you just happen to have access to a walk-in or other type of commercial size cooler, put your Cordova Cooler in the coolest place in your home for 24 hours before you plan to use it. If the temperature and weather conditions warrant, putting it outside overnight works great

If you can’t find a good cool place to store your Cordova Cooler, put a block or bag of ice in it, close and latch the lid, and keep it out of the sun if possible. Doing this for 12-24 hours will help maximize the cooling power your cooler.

When you are ready to use the cooler, remove any remaining water or ice from the cooler and replace with fresh ice that is truly frozen and is not in the thawing process. Ice that is already dripping water won’t last long in any cooler

Prepping Items to be Placed in Cooler

Refrigerate and/or Freeze as many of the items as possible that you plan to store in your Cordova Cooler before actually loading the cooler. This makes the ice last longer and helps the cooler perform better.


Start with block or dry ice in the center of the cooler and pack the items you will use around it. Cover those items with ice cubes and so forth until you fill the cooler to the top. If you run out of layers, just go ahead and fill the cooler to the top with ice. Dead air space is a cold killer and will cause ice to melt much faster than it normally would.

Other Ice Retention Recommendations

  • As ice melts, refill the cooler with more ice, if possible. Cordova Coolers are designed to keep your perishable items cold for many days, but fresh ice always helps.
  • Drain the water as ice melts. While the water may feel “ ice cold,” it's not or it would still be ice. By draining the water, your ice will last longer.
  • Keep your cooler out of the sun if possible.
  • Keep your cooler from directly touching the ground. Cordova Coolers come with feet that will keep it directly off of the ground, and by keeping airflow under the cooler, it will help the ice last longer.
  • Keep the lid to your cooler shut and the latch properly fastened as much as possible. The ice will last much longer while doing this.
  • Plump up the gasket. As you use your Cordova Cooler, the gasket will begin to settle. From time to time run your fingers around the gasket seal to open up the flange edge. This will ensure your cooler seals tightly.


Keeping your cooler in good condition is an easy undertaking. Washing with mild soap and water will usually do the job. For tough odors after heavy duty use you can use a combination of bleach and water in a 1 to 3 ratio. Use a sponge or slightly abrasive rag. Remember to clean in the nooks and crannies around the gasket and drain plug where debris may be trapped.

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