Cordova Outdoors is Ready for Hunting Season, Are You?

Dec 26th 2019

Cordova Outdoors is Ready for Hunting Season, Are You?

Cordova Outdoors is Ready for Hunting Season, Are You?

Fall is here and we could not be more excited. While not all of us are experts in the great outdoors, sometimes a weekend getaway in the wild is the perfect escape from our regular routines. Fortunately enough, the fall is the peak season for hunting.

Hunting Essentials Checklist

All hunters – experienced and otherwise – need to run through their checklist before they leave the house. That way there won’t be any mixups, misfortunes, or misunderstandings once you are out in the field. Better safe than sorry, right?

While you can certainly add to existing lists (like Dick’s Sporting Goods’s Beginners Checklist), it is also important that you double-check these items with the respective Fish and Game or Wild Lands agencies of the areas you plant to scout and hunt in. They will be much more attuned to the needs and demands of participating hunters as well as the environment itself.

More Than the Hunt

Learning new things is always exhilarating but there is something special about hunting. Of course, learning how to operate the necessary machinery (i.e. guns, bows, slings, etc.) definitely gets your brain working because of the inherent details and complexity of them. However, experienced hunters know that hunting will lose its luster quickly if that is a beginner’s only point of intrigue.

Hunting becomes a lifelong hobby when you can appreciate the experience, regardless of the outcome. Spending time in nature on your own or with others can instill a greater appreciation for life. On top of that, being able to observe and acknowledge wildlife in its own environment gives you firsthand experience with nature, undisturbed and unabridged. It can be a patient process that often reaps no physical rewards but that’s the beauty of it all. You never leave empty-handed, regardless of whether you shoot or not.

Keeping Your Cool in Cooler Temperatures

So you’ve hunted and been successful but now what? Well, your preparation is still going to come in handy. Being equipped with the right materials is just as crucial after your outing as it is before and during the hunt.

One thing that is often taken for granted is a quality hunting cooler. Finding products that suit your needs is very important. Investing in a large cooler, or even extra-large cooler is an unnecessary expense if you don’t intend to pursue big game. And vice versa, if you are hunting big game, be sure that your cooler is sizable enough to match that game.

Even if you don’t intend to bring anything home with you, having a cooler that keeps things cold all day is important. You are going to need snacks and meals throughout the extent of your trip. Returning back to your base with a cold drink and a sandwich that is still on ice, instead of a pool of water, is one of the biggest reliefs for refreshment after a long day out in the open. Be sure you are spending your money on something that will last a lifetime, instead of something that might not even last through the season.

Enjoying the Outdoors

This year has presented so many wonderful things. We don’t expect that this fall will be any different, hunting season included. As we are welcomed back into the culture and community of hunting, it is important we also recognize the environment for what it has to offer us. Hunting season is not simply about success in the field. Enjoy your time out in the great outdoors, whether you are with friends, family, or just yourself!